Yosh! “Samurai and Dinosaurs” returns to Indiegogo

After coming up short the first time around, the team behind Samurai and Dinosaurs relaunched the project on Indiegogo last week. Described as an homage to the work of legendary filmmakers Akira Kurosawa (Seven Samurai) and Ray Harryhausen (Clash Of The Titans), Samurai and Dinosaurs is a 110-page action/fantasy graphic novel written by Michael Murphy and illustrated by Sergio Calvet.

Here’s a plot summary of Samurai and Dinosaurs taken from the project’s Indiegogo page.


“Samurai And Dinosaurs tells the story of an elite group of samurai dispatched to investigate a downed meteorite and claims of monsters terrorizing the countryside. What they discover is reality breaking down all around them, and Jurassic beasts displaced in time!”

Backers can get a digital version of Samurai and Dinosaurs for $8, while physical copies start at $20. There’s several options for those with more cash to spend, too, including tiers with a poster, original artwork, post cards, and even a 16-page “ashcan” sized prequel comic titled The Cabin. For those who like to see a “support the troops” tier, this new Samurai and Dinosaurs campaign has that covered, too, where $135 gets you two copies of the book for yourself while three copies will be sent to U.S. service members.

There are also several stretch goals this time around, including a bookmark, an expansion of The Cabin ashcan from 16 to 24 pages, and a pinup gallery featuring art by Keung Lee (Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb), Narwhal (Earthbound), Vince Rush (Theo), Kristian Rossi (Alterna’s Trespasser), Celina Hernandez (Chibi Comics, For Hire).

Interested? Here’s some sample artwork below to sink your teeth into for now, or you can visit the full Samurai and Dinosaurs Indiegogo page here.

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