“Graveyard Shift” to be published by ALL CAPS COMICS

In a recent livestream on his YouTube channel, comic book artist and Internet talk show host Ethan Van Sciver announced that the Graveyard Shift series would be published by his new publishing company, ALL CAPS COMICS. (I get the joke, but I hate him for putting his company name in “all caps”)

Graveyard Shift is a 46-page graphic novel described as “the Universal Monsters meets the X-Men,” and helmed by two comic industry veterans, writer Mark Poulton (The Savage Hawkman) and artist Jon Malin (Cable, Jawbreakers). The announcement was made with few other details, and the partnership may simply be a gentleman’s agreement for the time being. Malin noted, however, that those who backed Graveyard Shift on Indiegogo would still be receiving a premium package, and that the book as published by ALL CAPS would wouldn’t have the same exclusive perks. Indiegogo backers would also receive their copies of Graveyard Shift much sooner.

You can watch the full livestream conversation below.

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