Graham Nolan’s “Return to Monster Island” graphic novel now funding on Kickstarter

Earlier this week, renowned comic creator Graham Nolan launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new comic mini-series Return to Monster Island, a 96-page, 20-years-later follow-up to Nolan’s Monster Island. Nolan himself has a long history in comics, most famous for his work with writer Chuck Dixon on Batman, he is also known for his work on The Phantom and 2001’s JLA vs. Predator… okay that last one may just be me. Still own my copy!

Back to the issue at hand, here’s a plot summary taken from the Return to Monster Island Kickstarter page.

“Two years have passed since our heroes, Mac and Duke escaped from their adventure on Monster Island. Now the island has once more appeared on earth, this time OVER the Bering Sea, and our stalwart pilots are once more called to service!

“An alien group has taken over the island from the Gooch and Mac and Duke, with the aid of two Russian flyers have to set things right. Can they do it before the island phases out again?

“Find out when you read the long awaited sequel to Monster Island…RETURN TO MONSTER ISLAND!”

Backers can get a digital version of Return to Monster Island for $20, while there are multiple options for getting the book in physical form. The full story is available as a single book for $40, or you can get individual issues for $20 each. If that seems a bit pricey, keep in mind that the book is an oversized hardcover published by Ominous Press (pictured below).

There are several other backing tiers for those who want more swag, including pinups, a t-shirt, several Black Book art books, original artwork by Nolan, and most importantly, an anniversary edition of the original Monster Island book.

Feeling the itch? You can check out some sample pages below or visit the full Return to Monster Island Kickstarter page here.


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