ALL CAPS Comics to Publish “Pitt” Revival

Earlier this week, ALL CAPS Comics founder Ethan Van Sciver announced that fellow comic book creator Dale Keown will revive his dormant Pitt series with ALL CAPS.

First published by Image Comics and later by Keown’s own Full Bleed Studios in the 90s, Pitt is the story of a ferocious human/alien hybrid who was genetically engineered as a weapon by the Creed. Pitt escapes his alien masters and arrives on Earth, where he unleashes his wrath on elements of New York’s criminal underbelly.

For now, the plan is to publish new stories featuring the Pitt character, though Van Sciver noted that the agreement will “probably” include a collected edition of the 90s books, as well. Van Sciver marked the occasion with a celebratory video on his Comic Artist Pro Secrets YouTube channel, which you can watch below.

Pitt is the latest property to join the ALL CAPS family, with Matt Martin’s Snowman, Trent Kaniuga’s Creed, Kyle Ritter’s Starblades, and of course Van Sciver’s own creations already under the growing ALL CAPS umbrella.

Are you excited at the prospect of Pitt returning as part of ALL CAPS Comics? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Yes I’ve been waiting for this for a long time I’m a huge fan of pit have all the original issues he did a comeback couple years ago with the darkness but I want a regular pit series again I went on his website and asked him if he would redo it I’m so happy that they’re doing it


  • I will own everything Pitt related


  • hell yes i,m excited even if I have to wait 6 months for a comic I know shit will be worth it.


  • on another dimension maybe he might think of doin an animated pitt series hell I,ll wait 3 years for an episode


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