“Crimson Rhen of the True North” Crosses $80K in Final Hours

Overnight, the crowdfunding campaign for Crimson Rhen of the True North ended successfully, raising a total of more than $80 thousand in the final hours.

Bummed that you missed out on the crowdfunding campaign? Buck up! Like many other Indiegogo campaigns, the Crimson Rhen page has temporarily transitioned to an in-demand store, so you can still buy into the project for a limited time.

Created by the Clownfish TV crew (known for their work on the Clownfish TV YouTube channel) and artist José Garcia (Graveyard Shift Vol IV, Lumina Vhox), Crimson Rhen of the True North is a 130+ page graphic novel inspired by Japanese manga and classic 1980s-style adventures. It also serves as the first in a two-part arc, as well as a prequel story to Clownfish’s Shadowbinders books.

Here’s the official pitch from the Crimson Rhen Indiegogo page:

Clownfish Studios is bringing you a classic ’80s style adventure. It’s like The Goonies… on an airship.

Thaddeus Windell’s greatest treasure is out there, and it’s up to young mage Crimson Rhen and the crew of a rundown airship called The True North to find it! But will they find it in time? Crimson Rhen of the True North is a race against the clock filled with action, adventure, comedy and heart!

Congratulations to Kambrea Pratt, Thom Pratt, José Garcia and everyone else on the Clownfish/Crimson Rhen team for a successful campaign. You can check out some sample artwork below, read our previous coverage of project here, or visit the full Crimson Rhen of the True North in-deman page here.

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