Crowdfunding campaign for “Iron Sights” surges on final day; raises nearly $120 thousand

The crowdfunding campaign for Iron Sights ended successfully early on Thursday, achieving 1195% of its original goal for a total of $119,495.

Iron Sights is a 120-page graphic novel written by Richard C. Meyer and Carlos Ivan Silva with art by Ibai Canales, Iron Sights is the story of an Iraq War veteran nicknamed “Ramadi” who inadvertently starts a border war when he rescues a beautiful woman from a Mexican cartel.

Despite a strong start, the Iron Sights campaign tapered off after the initial launch period. However, the reveal of the book’s cover (below) and a strong final marketing push by project creator, Richard C. Meyer, the indie comics project attracted a quite a girthy audience by the end of the Indiegogo campaign. Ending with 3339 total backers, Iron Sights would have solidly sold in the top 10 graphic novels for the month of June (the most recent month for which there is data). Not too shabby for a black & white, pulp Western book.

Iron Sights Cover Kelsey Shannon Richard C. Meyer

Somebody tell Zack to open an online store to sell posters of this Kelsey Shannon cover art. Ya boi.

Iron Sights is Meyer’s second successful crowdfunding campaign in the last few months. His Jawbreakers: Lost Souls graphic novel set new records for a single comic book on Indiegogo, a record held only for a couple of months until Ethan Van Sciver’s Cyberfrog comic shattered it just last week. Ribbit.

Unlike Jawbreakers, however, the Iron Sights Indiegogo page did not transition to an on-demand store at the end of the campaign. So if you missed out, you’re out of luck for the moment. The final art & layouts for Iron Sights are already complete, so Meyer intends to send the book to printers within the next week.

Congratulations to Meyer, Silva, Canales and Shannon on a successful campaign.

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