Crowdfunding campaign for “The North Valley Grimoire” extended; author Blake Northcott shifts from Kickstarter to Indiegogo

The Kickstarter campaign for Blake Northcott’s upcoming novel The North Valley Grimoire ended successfully this week, raising more than 73 thousand dollars (Canadian) from over a thousand backers. With those impressive totals, The North Valley Grimoire became the most-funded and most-backed fiction book of 2018.

Despite raking in such high numbers, Northcott received requests from fans for a last-minute opportunity to purchase the book before it publishes in September. After reviewing a bit of feedback, Northcott has chosen to extend the crowdfunding campaign, not on Kickstarter, however, but on Indiegogo.

Northcott explained her decision via her YouTube channel, citing some backers’ preferences for Indiegogo’s billing policies and concerns over Kickstarter’s practice of promoting projects according to the subjective whim of their staff.

So, can’t anyone just tell you what The North Valley Grimoire is all about? Sure, Charlie Brown. The author can tell you what The North Valley Grimoire is all about…

…in video form.

Northcott herself is the author of Arena Mode, while comic book fans know her from Fathom and Executive Assistant Iris. Though The North Valley Grimoire is a novel, it will include 10 full-color pages by comic book artist Roc Upchurch (Rat Queens).

Backing tiers start at $19 which includes both a digital eBook and an audiobook version of The North Valley Grimoire. A printed edition will run you $25, and those looking to spend more can get extra perks including a hardback edition and original artwork. All physical editions come signed by the author and feature a crowdfunding-exclusive cover by David Nakayama. Backers receiving a physical edition will also receive stickers and a bookmark.

If you passed on the original Kickstarter campaign, you now have until September 2 to get on Indiegogo and throw your money Ms. Northcott’s way. The book is finished, it’s funded, so there’s pretty much zero risk.

You can check out The North Valley Grimoire‘s Indiegogo page here.

The North Valley Grimoire Blake Northcott

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