Coffin Comics’ “La Muerta: Ascension” deals dual-wielded death

On Wednesday, Coffin Comics launched a crowdfunding campaign for La Muerta: Ascension via Kickstarter. Much like the last Coffin Comics crowdfunding project’s, Ascension became an overnight success reaching more than 500% of its original goal at the time of this writing.

This marks yet another strong showing for Coffin Comics, having conducted several other wildly successful campaigns including Brian Pulido’s Lady Death comics and La Muerta series.

What’s Ascension all about? Here’s the breakdown of the project taken from from the La Muerta: Ascension Kickstarter page.


Backers can get a digital version of La Muerta: Ascension for $6, while physical copies start at $20. As per usual with previous Coffin Comics crowdfunding campaigns, there are tons of swag and extra options for those who spend extra cash, including multiple variant covers, a hardcover edition, art prints, a set of “Metallicards”, and bundles including previously-released Coffin Comics books. There also several stretch goal bonuses, so it’s quite likely that you will indeed get more bang for your buck if you choose to buy in.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full La Muerta: Ascension Kickstarter page here.

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