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Is DC in panic mode over Bendis’ take on the Man of Steel?

DC clearly had big hopes when they poached long-time Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis to helm their Superman books starting with the six-issue Man of Steel mini-series in May. However, sources at DC Comics indicate that the orders from comic book stores for Bendis’ Man of Steel series have been far lower than they expected. DC went as far to

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After Infinity War: 4 things to consider when theorizing about the next Avengers (spoilers)

*Massive spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War below! For those who saw Avengers: Infinity War this week, questions linger as to how the next installment will move forward. As you break into heated discussions on the topic, we suggest keeping four points in mind. You may have already considered some or all of these points. If so, you’re ahead of the

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Former Wonder Woman, Thor artist homeless, crowdfunding to pay debt

Former Marvel and DC Comics creator William Messner-Loebs has been a significant influence on several of comics’ most iconic characters including Wonder Woman, Thor and The Flash. Starting in 2001, however, a series of life challenges compounded that sent Messner-Loebs and his family down a path of misfortune. After seeing success with an MTV series based on his hit comic

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