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Sacré bleu! “Blacksad” released a week early in Europe; developer warns against playing without day 1 patch

If you live in Europe, Blacksad: Under the Skin is available now. The problem? It wasn’t scheduled to release until 14 November. While this might seem like a happy accident for some, the developers behind Blacksad: Under the Skin are strongly cautioning European gamers to not play the game yet, as the “Day one patch” won’t go live until the 14th.

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“Blacksad: Under the Skin” delayed; developer diary video released

Originally scheduled for a September release, Microids has announced that Blacksad: Under the Skin is now scheduled to launch on 5 November. To sweeten that slightly biter pill, Microids also released the first in a developer diary video series titled “From Comic to Video Game”. The first episode focuses on how the development team is recreating the noir tones of

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An elaborate special edition of Toki is coming to Switch in Europe, publisher hints at US release (updated)

Publisher Microids has announced that their retro arcade platformer Toki is coming to Nintendo Switch in November along with a special edition that features a physical arcade cabinet. This remake published by Microids not only features upgraded visuals and re-orchestrated music, but there will also be the ‘Retrollector’ edition which includes a physical copy of the game, a comic book,

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