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“Animal Farm” meets the 2nd Amendment in Joseph King’s upcoming comic “Slaughter Squad”

Animator and independent comic book creator Joseph King is getting his next creative project ready to launch: a hyper-violent barnyard brawl titled Slaughter Squad. Here’s the pitch taken from the Indiegogo pre-campaign page: Its about to get bloodier… Somewhere in Texas, a team of livestock with nothing to lose takes on the forces of Big Meat armed with nothing but

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Not a typo: Action/comedy book “Orgasm Girl” cums to Indiegogo

Cum one, cum all! (Yep, it’s going to be one of those kind of posts….) On Tuesday, independent comic book creator Trisha Cuffari (aka Dannphan) launched a crowdfunding campaign for Orgasm Girl, a 22-page comic which blends action, comedy, and what looks like a lot of dudes nutting in their pants. Written by Cuffari and featuring pencils by Sanity, inks

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Richard C. Meyer launches “The Expendables Go to Hell” on Indiegogo; quadruple funded on day one

For months, independent comic book author and Jawbreakers creator Richard C. Meyer has teased several “secret projects.” On Saturday, he launched a surprise crowdfunding campaign for the first of these projects via Indiegogo: The Expendables Go to Hell. The Expendables Go to Hell is an all-new graphic novel featuring characters from Sylvester Stallone’s action film series. This project is a

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Sci-fi action comic “Replicator Remastered” now on Indiegogo

On Friday, independent comic book creator Rob Arnold launched a crowdfunding campaign for Replicator Remastered, a 28-page comic book reprinting Replicator issue 1 with new covers, updated colors and lettering, one extra story page and other additional content. The book is written by Arnold and featuring illustrations by Armin Ozdic, colors by Ross. A Campbell and letters by Marshall Dillon. There’s also options to

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The blood, guts & sex version of Conan returns to comics this Spring in “The Cimmerian”

Ablaze Publishing have reached an agreement with Conan Properties International to allow for Ablaze to release The Cimmerian series of comics in the United States. Originally published overseas by French publisher Glénat, The Cimmerian is a series of comics adapting Robert E. Howard’s classic Conan stories which first appeared in Weird Tales in the 1930s. In August, Conan Properties issued

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Fantasy adventure comic book “Tilt” pits mobsters against warrior kings

Are you a fan of playing card-based characters like The Royal Flush Gang, Gambit, or the Joker? Have you ever looked at Gambit and thought “Yeah, Gambit’s power to energize playing cards is pretty cool and all, but he’d be even better if he was a busty redhead who could bring playing cards to life!” Who hasn’t thought that, am

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